Kim Heikoop


AR game

click & hold to rotate
click and hold right mouse button to pan
press alt+click and hold to change light direction
scroll to zoom

For a 3 week school project we had to make an AR game. My tasks were 3d modeling the characters and other game elements (based on sketches made by Julia Schäfer), making the graphic design style guide, creating the poster, making some other game elements and filming and editing the proof of concept video and demo video of the game together with Anne Lotte Kruise.

And since it was almost Christmas I also made a Christmas card animation from the elements of this project. (rigging & animations by mixamo)

The team I worked with on this project:
Brady Wang (engineer)
Rick Toonen (designer)
Julia Schäfer (artist)
Anne Lotte Kruise (artist)

Software I used to create this: